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The Newsletter: always up to date

La Newsletter : toujours au goût du jour

Despite its seniority, the newsletter remains one of the most effective marketing levers to bring traffic to your site and retain your customers. However, as long as you know how to use it. So here’s the essential set to know for an effective newsletter.

1. How do I name it?

Your subscribers need you to make them want to read you! Capture their attention by taking care of the subject matter of your newsletters. With the sender’s name, that’s what they’ll read first. Be “eye-catching” but not “racoleur.” Avoid impersonal titles like “Xxx Newsletter.” The goal? trigger the curiosity of your recipients with a title neither too long nor too short. And so that your newsletters don’t end up in spam, beware of spam words, so ignore words like “free,” “win,” etc.

2. What to put in it?

Your readers give you little time. So your newsletter should be readable at a glance. It is therefore important to structure the content and use short sentences with simple syntax. Don’t forget to keep an informative character by avoiding getting too into the commercial discourse.
It is also a question of finding the right balance between texts and images. The ideal ratio? about 60% of texts and 40% of images. The quality of the photos is also of great importance.

3. Who to talk to?

It would not occur to you to offer an acne product to your grandmother or to offer an andouillette to your brother-in-law if he is vegetarian… For a newsletter, it’s the same. Adapt its content to its target (interests, age range, shopping history, etc.). Your readers want to be personally addressed.

Good to know

On your site, plan a “subscribe to the newsletter” section so your visitors can subscribe. Also allow them to opt out at any time by clicking on a opt-out link.

4. How do I send it?

Beyond a certain number of subscribers, sending your newsletter from a traditional email address becomes difficult. Then opt for an e-mail service. Some are free (PopList, Sarbacane), others pay (Constant Contact, Sendpro).

5. When to send it 

Due to a lack of time, 50% of subscribers do not read the newsletters sent to them. One shipment per week (preferably in the evening if you are targeting individuals) is enough. Choose weekday shipments that are more efficient.

Key points to remember:

  • Make it short and original.
  • Adapt your newsletters to their recipients.
  • Prefer informative content to strictly commercial content.