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What is content marketing?

February 19, 2020 Digital Marketing
Marketing de contenu

Also referred to by its English name, the “content marketing” has been a strategy for some time now. Adopt. What does it really consist of?

You were recently introduced to inbound marketing, this strategy that aims to attract your prospects to make them become true ambassadors. Content marketing is directly linked to inbound marketing, because it is one of the tools that will allow you to create a real desire to buy from your prospects.

Here are the features of marketing Content.

Attracting customers through content

As the name implies, content marketing is about expanding its business by designing and disseminating attractive content across a multitude of platforms and in a multitude of forms: newsletters, surveys, surveys, blog posts, network publications, case studies, videos, infographics…

The main objective of this strategy is to create commitment. The goal is to turn strangers into true brand ambassadors. To do this, you will need to be relevant, informative, attractive and pique the curiosity of your Internet users.

Content marketing infographic

Why implement a content marketing strategy 

Well done, this strategy will have the effect of a magnet and will attract your prospects to you in a natural way, without you needing to chase them.

In addition, a content strategy can create a virtuous circle for your natural referencing. By multiplying content and platforms you will also multiply your presence on the Internet, thus improving your SEO.

Creating your own content allows you to show your expertise to your customers. You know what to talk about, and it will please prospects. The impression of having to deal with experts in their field does not may only push them to buy.

How to implement a content marketing strategy

First, we will have to develop this strategy. For you’ll have to ask yourself several questions:

What is your company’s strategy and how can you translate into communication objectives?

You need to clearly determine your goals and goals to reach. Do you want to generate sales? Generating visits to your site? Develop your notoriety? It’s up to you Choose. This step is important to be able to measure your return on investment.

What’s your target?

In order to produce personalized and effective content, you need to know who you are talking to. To do this, it is important to study its target. Representation in persona form can be very effective in getting to know your prospects and clients. A persona refers to a detailed fictitious representation of your ideal clients. The purpose of this approach is to question their habits, their needs, their motivations, their brakes, their budgets and any other criteria that may interest you and influence your way of selling and your content.

What content on which media?

Each medium has its own characteristics, which does not give them the same objectives and the same target. First, you need to determine which media you want to post your content on and why. For this, your peronas will help you because their needs, which you have collected upstream, will help you in the choice of different media. For example, a site allows to have a showcase and present its activities, a blog allows to create more worked content with added value and show its expertise, LinkedIn allows to reach professionals, Facebook allows to reach individuals, Twitter allows you to relay live information, etc.

How do you organize its content?

The last step before you publish your content on different media is to organize that content. For this, nothing better than the creation of an editorial calendar. This will allow you to identify all the content to be published as well as all the media and their date of publication. This calendar will also allow you to determine the best time to post.