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Natural or paid referencing: which one to choose?

March 30, 2016 SEO
Référencement naturel ou payant : lequel choisir ?

You are a hairdresser, mason, architect or painter and you want to get started on the Internet? Find out which digital referencing strategy (SEO/SEA) is best suited to your business.


1. Natural referencing, a long-term strategy

To exist on the Internet, you have to be seen. The problem is that 3/4 of Internet users stop at the first page of search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Your site should therefore be well referenced. To bring it up "naturally" in the rankings, one solution is to operate certain levers. In practical terms, choosing well-chosen "keywords" (in relation to your activity and the subject of many queries) will improve your visibility. Google AdWords Keyword Planner allows you to test the popularity of a particular keyword.

Natural referencing (SEO) is for you if:

  • Your budget is tight (except to go through a provider, it's free),
  • You have time in front of you (several months will pass before your site nibbles places in the rankings).

Good to know

You don't improvise as an expert in referencing. For SEO to be effective, you have to master the workings of it…

2. Paid REFERencing, a cost not to be overlooked

If natural referencing suffers from a delay in ignition, sponsored links quickly provide visibility. Buying keywords on Google AdWords or others will propel your site into search engine "advertising" spaces, making you visible right away. But paying for its REFERencing has a cost that can quickly prove high, especially in a very competitive environment (it depends on the industry and location)! And these effects end as soon as your campaign budget runs out.

Paid REFERencing (SEA) is for you if:

  • You have one-off events to promote
  • You want immediate visibility

Key points to remember:

  • SEO is to the SEA what a natural fertilizer is to a chemical fertilizer: slow but sustainable growth on the one hand, instantaneous but ephemeral on the other
  • SEO and SEA are complementary