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RESPONSIVE DESIGN: What if it all depends on the design of your site?

You’ve probably heard of the Responsive Web Design. If you haven’t updated your site design yet, this article is for you! For some time now, the “Responsive Web Design” has been the subject of many conversations on the web: what is it? Is that necessary? What are the benefits? How to make the site responsive? Well, it’s time for you to learn a little more about the “Responsive Web Design”, which could be translated as “reactive web design”, but let’s face it, it’s less eye-catching! So let’s talk about “Responsive Web Design” …

The principle of responsiveness

It’s pretty simple, it means that the design of the site fits the screen of each device. So whether visitors to your site use a desktop, laptot, tablet or smartphone, they enjoy a good user. Images, content and your entire site are displayed correctly. The content is resized depending on the device used.

Responsive Web Design aims to enhance the user experience. And at this stage of the competition, it would be a shame not to exploit this asset to launch or strengthen your business on the Internet.

Currently, the use of mobile devices is in full swing. Having a responsive site has become essential to gain a place in the vast digital world.

What is Mobile First?

In April 2018, Google announced that the site rankings now take design into account, not just any one! Mobile-first indexing prioritizes responsive design sites, not just. It is also important that the loading time is fast. All this why? Always to improve the user experience. More and more people are using mobile devices to search the internet, it’s more convenient and it’s accessible anywhere. But is your site convenient and accessible everywhere? It is important to ask the question. So think of three essential elements to have an optimized site: navigation – highlighting important information – legibility. Once these 3 criteria are met, you can take the next step.

You’ll understand, you need a responsive design site!

The “fixed” website with several columns is no longer relevant. The main problem with this type of traditional site is that when displayed on a smartphone, the user is forced to scroll horizontally through the content to see everything. Sometimes even some elements are hidden or distorted. And the loading time, let’s not talk about it… Responsive Web Design automatically adjusts all content so that it can be read on any screen. Responsive Web Design makes content more dynamic, more attractive. It could all depend on the design of your site!