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What to put on my restaurant's website?

Today, searching on the internet has become one of the first reflexes of consumers. Being present on the canvas is therefore paramount in the world of catering.

You want to make a website for your restaurant but you don't know where to start? Here are some ideas for an effective site.

The essentials to highlight 

Introduce your restaurant

Make a small presentation text, going to the essentials and easily accessible so that the user can see directly the type of cuisine you offer, because this is often what interests the most. Don't forget to add your opening hours and days.

Also, don't hesitate to use keywords to improve your natural referencing.

Your menu

It's also one of the most searched information for visitors to your page. Make sure it's clear and easy to find on your site.

Good to know
  • Most Internet users surf from a mobile, especially to search for the restaurant in which they will eat. For them, we avoid putting the menu in the form of PDF to open or download and we favor integration to the site directly. Also think of responsive design to make your site perfect even on smartphones.
  • We also avoid putting the menu in the form of an image, this time for a matter of referencing. Google won't be able to read the text of your image. In addition, this will prevent you from having to recreate a visual if the menu is updated and will save you time.

Show pictures of your restaurant

Inside, outside… You like to know where you're going to land when you're a customer. Showing photos of your exterior will make it easier for consumers to spot you on the street. As for the interior, you've probably invested in a beautiful decoration, so show it! In addition, the atmosphere of a restaurant is important. If your customers have seen photos before coming, it will save them unpleasant surprises because of what they imagined.

However, consider making very good quality photos. It's best to look at professional photos, because it only takes a few seconds in front of your photo for your potential visitors to get an opinion. Keep in mind that food is difficult to photograph.

The most, to enhance your site

Incorporate a table reservation module

Being able to book a table online is a plus for you and your consumers. With a dedicated module, your customers can book at any time on your restaurant's website. For your part, you only need a few clicks to manage bookings.

Incorporate a command module

A control module allows users to order directly online to have their order delivered or pickuped in restaurants. For you it is an advantage that allows you to create a privileged and unintermediated relationship with your customers and facilitate order management.

Show your customers' reviews

Feedback is very important and interesting for Internet users, especially in the restaurant industry. The choice of a restaurant is not only based on your argument, but also through the reading of published reviews.

Good to know

70% of French customers consult the reviews before deciding on their choice of restaurant.


Key points to remember

  • A site is an effective communication tool that allows you to attract and retain customers
  • Increase your efficiency, especially when making reservations with a module
  • You'll be able to communicate updates to your information more easily