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The 10 commandments to follow so that your site is well referenced

November 4, 2016 SEO
Les 10 commandements à suivre pour que votre site soit bien référencé

Want your site to be in the top spots for search engine results? Here are some precepts to follow to achieve this


1. The visibility of your site, every day, you will work

If it only takes a few minutes to buy sponsored links, natural referencing is a long-term job. And it may be weeks before a site improves its positioning… In short, get on with it, be regular and be patient!

2. Your site to the ranking algorithms, you will adapt

Every time Google changes its algorithms, it's a real revolution. To not fall back into the depths of the rankings, call on a natural referencing specialist. It will help you adapt your content to stay in the race.

Good to know

We do not improvise as a seocer. If it is possible to optimize the referencing of its site itself, nothing can replace the expertise of a specialist.

3. For search engine robots, you'll write (but not only!)

On the Internet, content is king! If it is the search engine robots that decide the visibility (and therefore the positioning!) of your site, it is the Internet users who will buy your products. Choose terms you want to position yourself on, but don't repeat them at every end of sentence. Google would penalize you.

Good to know

To please robots (without getting tired of your readers!), use synonyms. You will enrich your texts and make them more digestible.

4. Original content you'll produce

Google hates duplicated content and penalizes the referencing of sites that use it. Avoid "copying." Otherwise, you'll be "glued"…

5. Loading times, you'll control

Not content to impact your conversion rates (percentage of visitors who have made a purchase on your site) and rebound (users who have viewed only one page) too slow loading of your pages will penalize your referencing. In short, speeding, at Google, we do not know!

6. To get incoming links, you'll look

The more links you have to send back to your site, the better you will be referenced. And the more influential the sites mentioning yours (and related to your activity), the better you will be rated!

Good to know

Getting (too) quickly incoming links will arouse the distrust of Google that could penalize you …

7. Your local referencing, you'll optimize

To be well positioned in local searches of Users (about 25% of Google queries include a geographic indication), position your business (Google My Business, Google Places) and sign up for directories Professionals.

Good to know

Choose keywords that include your activity and location (e.g. "garage" and "Caen." And don't hesitate to include address and phone number on as many pages as possible

8. Images, you'll insert

More and more searches being Google Images, referenceing images from your site will generate traffic and make you more visible.

Good to know

Beware, poor quality images would discredit your site.

9. For a mobile friendly site, you will opt

Google favors "responsive web design", your content will have to adapt to the screens of mobile platforms. Otherwise, the famous search engine will penalize you. And you risk losing your "nomadic" users along the way…

10. Your content, on social networks, you will share

Post your content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google). The more they are shared, the more your traffic will increase. And the better your site will go up in search engine results.