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Why open a Youtube channel for your company?

Youtube sur ordinateur

At present, Youtube is no longer just a video hosting site, it has become a must-see on the web, which has great potential for professional circles.

Don't see the point of opening a Youtube channel for your business? Here are some good reasons to do so.

Improve your SEO

Hosting videos on Youtube will allow you to have better visibility on the net. The platform provides companies with tools to optimize their natural referencing, such as tags. It will also direct users who find you on Youtube to your site and turn them into potential customers. 

Getting closer to Internet users 

Being present on multiple platforms can reassure your users and allow you to get closer to them. In the age of multimedia, a video presentation will have more effect than a simple text. Above all, don't forget to respond to the comments your viewers will leave!

Expanding your audience 

Youtube users may not be your usual customers, but who knows, your products or services might be of interest to them.

Simple and free

Simple and free… those are two pleasant words to hear, aren't they? And yes, creating a Youtube channel and posting videos is totally free. This will allow you to advertise without investment. Plus, it's easier than it looks. Today, all you need is a phone, an internet connection and a little creativity. You don't have to be equipped like a professional.

Good to know

Don't hesitate to subtitle your videos, because on mobile, videos are often watched without the sound. You never know, a headset failure quickly arrived!


Are you still hesitating? So here are some numbers. There's nothing better to convince you to open a chain for your business. As they say, the numbers speak for themselves!

  • Youtube is the 3rd most visited site according to Alexa
  • Every day, the 1.5 billion users spend an average of 1 hour watching videos on Youtube
  • Every minute, 400 hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube
  • The number of viewing hours on Youtube increases by 50% each year
  • The platform has 46 million monthly users in France