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3 Questions for Linkeo’s Own SEM Web Expert

October 5, 2016 SEO
3 questions à une experte en référencement web

Nothing beats talking to an SEO pro if you want to understand the ever-increasing importance of social media.  An interview with Céline Leam, Linkeo’s SEM (SEO + SEA + SMO) web expert

1.  Why is it crucial for a professional with a VSE or SME to rank high in search engine results?

When they search for something on the web, Internet users will rarely look beyond the 2nd page of Google’s results.  It is therefore essential that companies rank in an excellent position in Internet searches.  And that’s where SEM becomes so important.  Optimizing your SEM will help your site rise to the top of Google’s first pages.

Handy Tips

SEM = Search Engine Marketing. It refers to all three website ranking techniques, including natural SEO, paid SEA and SMO, or Social Media Optimization.

2. Has social media become an essential step for professionals?

It sure has! Social media is now a major player in website rankings. As a VSE/SME, your presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will strengthen your online visibility and let you reach a broader audience. Similarly, since Google is placing more and more importance on local queries (“activity” + “place”), it’s a good idea to pay special attention to your Google + and Google My Business Pages. But remember that once you sign up, you must not let your page go inactive.  Quite the opposite! It is vital to stay active on social media.  You can do this by regularly sharing your content and customer reviews, publishing comments, engaging with your customers and more!

The Voice of an Expert

“The 1st page of Google search results will only display 3 Google+ blocks. If you want to be one of them, you need to work your Google + page!”

3. Which social media platforms should I use?

Beyond the essentials (Google+, Facebook and Twitter), a business owner will be able to target your social media presence to match their activity sector.  For example, a landscaper or restaurant owner would do well to publish photos of their creations on Facebook and Instagram.  And hairdressers can post their tutorials on YouTube.  When used well, social media will help you to build your company’s reputation, generate traffic, create a community, attract new prospects and boost loyalty amongst customers you already have. In short, it offers all sorts of advantages that business owners would be crazy to pass up.