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5 tips to optimize your Facebook posts

December 20, 2016 Social media
5 astuces pour optimiser vos parutions sur Facebook

A professional Facebook page helps to strengthen your brand image, share content with customers and attract leads. Here's how to fine-tune your "social networking" strategy (for free and simply!) and improve the impact of your future posts.

1. Post regularly

If it is by forging that you become a blacksmith, it is by regularly posting content on Facebook that you will gain visibility (and increase it!).

2. Post high value-added content

It is important that the content you post on Facebook is engaging, i.e. it challenges your contacts (don't hesitate to ask them questions) and urges them to react (whether by "liking" your posts, sharing them with their by writing comments, answering your questions, clicking on a link to your professional website, etc.).

3. Varie the pleasures

To prevent monotony from set in and your customers getting tired of your Facebook posts, try to vary your content, both in substance:

  • don't just talk about your business,
  • Find engaging topics that will capture your community's attention (your posts are more likely to be shared)

in form:

  • post photos/videos,
  • organize contests,
  • advertise promos, etc.

Good to know

Don't forbid yourself a bit of humor (provided, however, that it is appropriate!). Your Facebook page should also help humanize your business.

4. Cut short

Just because Nature hates emptiness doesn't mean you have to feel compelled to fill your Facebook pages with endless texts… Get to the bottom of it. On the Internet, 80% of a text is browsed diagonally. And very few Internet users read a post to the end.

5. Play the "experts"

If there's one industry you know at your fingertips, it's yours. Let your community benefit from your professional expertise: give them expert advice, submit your analysis… Your credibility and reputation will be greatly enhanced

Key points to remember:

  • Don't post "that" promotional content.
  • Choose engaging posts with high added value (or even exclusive ones!).
  • Change the content of your posts.
  • Cut short (Internet users' attention span is limited).