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How to Debunk the Top Three Excuses for Not Making the Digital Leap

January 26, 2017 Website creation
Sachez déjouer les 3 mauvaises raisons que l’on invoque généralement pour ne PAS se lancer sur Internet

“A website? Why do I need that? My clients know where to find me.” “Get a website just so I can be like everybody else? No thanks.” “A website’s too expensive!” When people are convinced that a website isn’t worth the effort, they’ll come to you with all kinds of arguments. Not sure what or who to believe? We’re here to help you figure it out for yourself.

1. “A website? That’s going to cost me way too much money…”

Rather than view the creation of your company website as an expense, think of it as an investment. The cost of your website needs to be placed alongside your potential returns.  Your website will be accessible 24/7 to anyone from anywhere, whether they’re on a computer, tablet or smartphone. With a website you can…

  • Effectively present your activity, products and services
  • Prospect new clients
  • Boost your reputation
  • Make online sales (if you include an online store)
  • Increase your sales turnover

You should also consider that traditional communication tools like poster campaigns, radio segments, flyers, sales brochures are often very expensive. With this in mind, the cost of creating a website is worth looking into. Especially since these other tools only offer a temporary impact, unlike a website whose content will last.

Handy Tips

The cost of creating a website depends on several factors.  You’ll need to take into account…

  • the type of website you will choose (a showcase website versus an e-commerce site)
  • Its level of quality, service and customization
  • Its complexity
  • Who will oversee its creation (amateur, freelance, specialized agency)

2. “Get a website just so I can be like everybody else? No thanks! ”

So you don’t think that a website can help you with your professional activity? Or are you just plain resistant to the idea? In any case, make no mistake about it. Most clients and prospects do not share your point of view. These days, if someone’s looking for a  vendor, service provider or company who offers a specific type of product or service within a given area, this person will automatically turn to the Internet.  The reality is, whatever preconceived ideas you might have, you have to admit that the Internet offers an undeniably powerful communication tool. It’s available 24/7 and accessible to everyone on any device. You can tell yourself that you don’t want to be on the Internet, but the truth is, you’re already there. Like every business, your company name is on or another equivalent depending on your location. There’s also a good chance that consumers have written a post or comment about you.  When you create your own website, you will be able to present your company the way you want so that you can master your online image.

Handy Tips

      • 79% of Internet users search online before they go to a store (Source: Médiamétrie/NetRatings, July 2013).
      • 53% of SME’s use the Internet to promote themselves (Source: Roland Beger, September 2014)
      • Companies who have successfully made a convincing digital shift are growing 6 times faster than those who are lagging behind in their online presence. (Source: Roland Beger, September 2014)

3. “A website? Why do I need that? My clients already know where to find me…”

Of course your clients know where to find you.  But they also need to get to you and call you. When you don’t have a website, a customer who wants to know your hours and current promotions will need to call you (at the number they won’t be able to find on the Internet) during your business hours (which they won’t know). For your clients, there is so much valuable information they could access directly on  your website, day or night. If you only had a website… And though your clients might know where to find you, what about all those people who aren’t your clients yet? It’s important to attract new prospects all the time.  For now, you can depend on your customers. Your business is running well and your customers are loyal. Congratulations! But how do you know what tomorrow will bring? What will you do if your client base shrinks? Or if new competitors show up? As an entrepreneur, you are used to planning for the future to ensure the sustainability of your company.  In the future, the Internet will be even more essential than it is today. When you build a high-quality website, you will increase your chance of  attracting  potential clients  while building loyalty with customers you already have.

Key Points to Remember

      • By making sure you’re visible on the Internet, you will gain new customers.
      • Having a website lets you offer your clients a complementary service where they can find your business hours, promotions and online store.
      • There’s no stopping progress. Whether you like it or not, the Internet has become a must for professionals.