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Follow This Checklist Before You Go Digital With Your Business

September 17, 2018 Website creation

To make your website launch a success (and give your company a “before” and “after” Internet moment), it’s important not to skip any steps. Our little checklist will help you make sure you don’t forget anything.

1. Is your future site adapted to your goals?

What do you expect from your website? If you’re hoping to present your company, opt for a “showcase” site.  Do you need an online store? Look into your e-commerce possibilities.  Do you want to have the choice of evolving down the line? You’re better off with a “dynamic,” i.e. upgradable site, rather than a static or fixed template.

2. Did you choose a relevant domain name?

Does your website name highlight your activity and match your position on the market? Is it easy to remember and spell? Avoid names that are too complicated or too long.  Is it available? Check and see here at

Handy Tip: A domain name is only usable for a limited time (12 months to ten years) and must be renewed regularly.

3. Does your published content offer strong added value?

Does every page of your website give your readers high quality content via text, images and videos? Put yourself in the shoes of your clients/prospects. What does your website bring them? Can they easily find what they’re interested in? As Montaigne might have said, “Better to have a tidy site full of wisdom, rather than a crowded one full of clutter.”

4. Who is going to design your website? Will you do it yourself?

Do you have a tight budget? Go for a turnkey offer (Between  € 20 and € 150 € via an e-commerce platform). Or create your website yourself through a software publisher. Are you looking for something “custom designed” (design, ergonomics, features)? Call on a professional (freelancer or agency).

5. Who will maintain your site? Will it be you?

If you only update your website every 36 months, you will be unlikely to have good SEO. Someone needs to keep your website current through new texts, photos, mailing lists and social media. Are you worried you won’t have enough time? Outsource certain tasks.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Don’t think too big. Simpler is often more effective.
  • Anything on your website that isn’t essential is superfluous.
  • Don’t try to do everything all by yourself. You’ll eventually hit a wall.